2014 IBRD Slovenia Report

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    We had a great IBRD! We counted 232 runners at the start (30 of them were kids), running 2,5 - 10km. Sunny weather, about 15 degrees (60F) and additional program: barefoot school, kids run, raffle draw, testing VivoBarefoot and Vibram...

    Youngest participant was 18 months, oldest 83 years. We had tshirts and drinks for all. We collected about 300 pairs of shoes for charity. National TV visited us: http://www.rtvslo.si/zabava/zanimivosti/video-bosih-nog-naokrog-po-mestnih-ulicah/336067

    We had coverage in several TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers. I think it was the best IBRD ever for us. :)

    photos: Marko Alpner, Alpner.com

    ALP_5084.jpg ALP_5211.jpg ALP_5294.jpg ALP_5381.jpg ALP_5385.jpg ALP_5410.jpg ALP_5422.jpg ALP_5423.jpg ALP_5469.jpg
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    I am always impressed with Slovenia's turnout due to the hard work and efforts of Marko. Thanks, Marko and Slovenia! Nice representing!
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    Being present since the beginning (4 yrs ago), I can confirm Marko is doing a fantastic job promoting BF running/lifestyle. The crowd grows incredibly every year and the atmosphere is always great. It always amazes me when I see the wonderful expression on the faces of grown ups when they first try to switch to BF (despite of some blisters here and there). Also lots of happy and smiling kids!
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