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    Here is the 2012 membership form. I am told we need to update these every year so new year new forms.

    Please fill yours out and send it to me at

    Michael Coffaro

    8052 Rexmill Dr.

    Indianapolis, In 46227

    or email to coffaroma@uindy.edu

    I will have blank forms available to fill out on our first activity Sat. Jan 21 at South Eastway park.

    I am optomistic warm weather will hold up until then.

    A little bit of bad news, i guess budget cuts are in effect for the park no portolets on site this year and the regular facilities are definitely locked up. Looking with half full eyes the activity center may be open just depends on the luck of the draw there; i have been there when it was open and when it has not been open the past few weeks. Either way i will be there and looking forward to meeting some of you.

    I just love my barefoot runs.


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