2011 Marine Corps Marathon

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    Date Reviewed: 11/11/2011
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    Washington, D.C.
    Arlington, VA
    See map: Google Maps

    Start - Very cold. Rain and snow the night before. Corrals filled by 0750 for a 0800 start. DO NOT BE LATE!

    0-4 miles - Starting in low areas, the streets were full of puddles and with the cold temperatures and close proximity to other runners made it difficult to start. Feet got very cold. Big climb up to 2.5 miles then back downhill towards the 4 mile mark. Broken up asphalt in the descent and held the lines like a religion.

    4-8 miles - After Key bridge which was salted the night before due to the weather (rock salt sucks to run on, BTW), it's flat until 7 miles and then the climb up to the Georgetown resivoir begins. Decent roads with a few weather cracks but nothing frightening.

    8-13.1 miles - Downhill out of the resivoir through Georgetown, around Lincoln monument then down Haines Point to the half point. Normal street asphalt.

    13.1-20 miles - Flat run through the mall with great fans showing support. Lots of shout outs about the bare feet.

    20-26 miles - Across the bridge at 20 then through Crystal City. Lots of fans but hard to keep motivated due to the runners exiting Crystal City. Seems to go on forever until the turn-around.

    26.0-26.2 miles - The climb to the Iwo Jima memorial is motivating but tough after 26 miles.
    Medals - Great finisher medals but the absolute worst asphalt my bare feet have EVER experienced. Take caution unless they re-pave for next year.

    Photo - Nice cool grass (mud this year) to stand in before the picture. Took picture with bare foot on sign. Excellent pic.

    Post race - Rosyln, VA is a madhouse with people and family members. I avoided it all and walked to Arlington Metro station to go back to hotel.

    Overall - Best marathon on the planet (IMHO). Great support from the Marines manning the water and food stations. Kept well hydrated but take caution to dress appropriately due to weather. Full RR on website (search 2011 MCM). Lots of support from the fans for running BF.

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