Welcome to the Hawaiian Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society!

Aloha Hawaii Barefooters!

I'm Jessica Lee and my husband is Michael Sandler. We're the co-founders of RunBare and we've relocated to Maui! We came with the intention of staying over the winter to wrap up some barefoot projects, but the plane landed, I looked out the window and I said, "Let's just stay." So here we are 1.5 years later!

While Michael is on book tour on the mainland, I'm hanging back on Hawaii running the show behind the scenes but also searching high and low for other barefoot runners, walkers and hikers. Though they're plentiful at the beach and in seaside towns, they seem to be scarce on the trails. Let's change that! We have some of the best, most nutrient dense soil/mud here. After all, we literally have access to some of the newest earth!

In truth, I'm taking over the Hawaii chapter for selfish reasons! I'm in search of Ohana, like-minded people who appreciate connecting with the 'Aina, who want to grow a closer connection to the plants, animals and to improve awareness of our own bodies.

We had a very fun and active barefoot running club back in Boulder, CO (which is still active) so I'm excited to get this chapter active again as well. I'm just getting started, but you can look forward to free clinics, group runs, hikes, walks, potlucks and movie nights.

If you have event ideas, please feel free to start new threads! See you on the trails!

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