IBRD Local Events Listing

2019 International Barefoot Running Day™ (IBRD™)

Local Events Listing

Below please find a listing of local events participating in International Barefoot Running Day™ (IBRD™) on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

This is a "think global, act local" kind of event. The action occurs locally. If you have questions about a specific local event, please contact the local event organizer as listed below. Please RSVP to the local organizers.

Don't find an event in your area yet? Consider organizing one yourself at the IBRD Event Registration Page

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 5, 2019!

--The IBRD Team

Events are listed alphabetically by Country or U.S. State. Note: All times are for the local time zone in listed location.

BRS Chapter Name or Other Entity RSVP to, Contact Name, BRS Screen Name Contact Email Country or U.S. State City/Township Meeting Point Other Event Name & URL, if applicable Meeting Time Distance Other Information
BRS California - Los Angeles Ken Saxton, Barefoot Ken Bob BarefootKenBob@TheBarefootRunners.org California Los Angeles Steve Soboroff Court Park, 12096 Bluff Creek Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90094 N/A 9 a.m. Out and back trail. Run and/or walk out for 30 minutes. Turn around. Run and/or walk back (30 minutes again). We should all finish about an hour later. Meet at Steve Soboroff Court Park. Park has small parking lot (may be additional parking on streets within blocks). Fun run and/or walk, out and back, south of the park on Bluff Creek Trail (any distance you like) with or without footwear. Hard packed dirt/clay. Half-hour out, half-hour back, whatever distance you can run/walk in half-an-hour, times two. Decide as a group for lunch or something else after.
BRS Germany & Austria Axel Schemberg, rennsandale rennsandale@gmail.com Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia Duesseldorf Rheinufer - genaue Info nach Registrierung N/A 11:00 a.m. 6 km English below: Registrierung unter Angabe von Vor-/Nachname, Mailadresse und (optional) Mobilfunknummer mit E-Mail an: ibrd2019@rennsandale.de ****English****Please register via e-mail (pre-/surname, mailaddress and (optional) tel) to ibrd2019@rennsandale.de

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