Aug 28, 2011
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I am here to bear witness: Yesterday am: walking in VFFs, twingy knee, took OFF VFFs, twinge went away instantly! Feb 5, 2013

    1. Gidds
      NOT impressed with the direction Merrell is going with their zero drop line.
    2. Gidds
      While I was barefoot in the woods I found some bear tracks. They were as wide as from the heel of my hand to my 2nd knuckle.
    3. Gidds
      Merrell FAIL: too narrow now that my toes are spread out! Mesh lets in sand! Grrr. Took them off and walked home, through the woods!
    4. Gidds
      Today I watched a 13.1, almost everybody looked to be in pain or unhappy. Lots had terrible form. I wonder if I look like that when running?
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    5. Gidds
      Jusr saw a guy in vffs & a run naked shirt at the Blue Mtn. Bch. Half Marathon & 10k
    6. Gidds
      Saw an actual barefooter on campus. Did not approach due to Hipster Regalia with the bare feet. That and I don't talk to strangers...
    7. Gidds
      ran/walked 1.57 miles completely barefoot, in the rain, on pavement! Suck it shoes!
    8. Gidds
      wants to go outside but it is raining...more importantly there is a lot of lightening! Grrrr
    9. Gidds
      I just got back from climbing on all the kids toys at the playground. Those mini climbing walls are cool! Should I do an adventure race?
    10. Gidds
      Observation: walking incorrectly in huaraches produces the same blisters as incorrect barefoot walking
    11. Gidds
      Does NOT understand paleos, or vegans, who drink alcohol...
    12. Gidds
      Watched some of the Sandestin Tri yesterday, I was very impressed with the Athena division and the folks on walmart bikes :-p
    13. Gidds
      Did 30 minutes on the Machine of Death, the last five in stocking feet. Got home and found that my Ruu-Muu had arrived. Can't wait to try it
    14. Gidds
      So I've been neglecting my running for a month. Decided to start doing 5 mins/day w/good form then add 5 more every day & see where I go :)
    15. Gidds
      Has begun the battle with the Summit Trainer! If I fight with it all summer I better go to GA this fall for hybrid hiking!
    16. Gidds
    17. Gidds
    18. Gidds
      Dear people who run in tights: please stop...and buy a sport kilt or running skirt while you're at it :-p
    19. Gidds
      Ankle swelling needs to go away!
    20. Gidds
      Freezing my butt off at work. Weight lifting after lunch.
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    I am not a runner, nor an athlete, in fact I am an Amazon trapped in a wimpy body with very unfortunate natural biomechanics. I got some VFFs in 2010 because I thought the toes were neat, then I found out that crazy people wear them to run. Pfffft. I wasn't going to do that, my running days were looong over. Then I got caught in a thunderstorm out in the woods and decided running in VFFs was preferable to getting zapped. It didn't hurt to run! Hmmmm wait a minute.
    Then I read some stuff on the Internet. Then I came here. Then I decided to wear zero drop shoes 100% of the time that shoes are a requirement. Now I can a.) actually run b.) find that doing it completely barefoot is the best way for me. It doesn't hurt to run and it's actually a lot easier than it ever was before. I have a long way to go but I have also come a long way.


    Because it works for me!

    In 2011 I was diagnosed with precancerous cervical lesions due to an HPV infection. I had a biopsy and fortunately my lesions did not progress to cervical cancer. One year later in 2012, on the anniversary of my biopsy, I finished a 5k race in VFFs. Ladies please educate yourselves about HPV and cervical cancer prevention.