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Interested in the BRS's Stomp of Approval? We have a very cool program called the Stomp of Approval where we Stomp sites, blogs, and barefoot-friendly events. We've been doing this for about 3 years now. It's very snazzy looking and will make your site look oh so much cooler. I can't show it to you all here, because we don't want anyone to just copy it to their site; we like to keep track of who has it.

If you would like to be Stomped, please contact me at Be sure to include the link to your site!


Adventures of an Athletic Diabetic/Dave Ely --

Adventures of a SAHM/Cassie Howard --

Ahcuah/Bob Neinast --

Antonio Madriñan/Antonio Madriñan --

Bare 7x7 Challenge/Andy McGhee --

Barefoot Angie Bee/Angela Hotz --

Barefoot Bodhi/Marco Losch --

Barefoot Chiropractor/Andrew Klein --

Barefoot Fresca --

Barefoot Heretic/Karl Franck --

Barefoot in Arizona/John McClung --

Barefoot in New Hampshire/Dana Lemieux --

Barefoot Inclined/Jeff Gallup --

Barefooting It/Lindsay Colburn --

Barefoot Running Italia/Paolo Iavagnilio --

Barefoot Mama in Maine/Theresa Withee --

Barefoot Mama's Life in a Nutshell/Katie Button-Swenson --

Barefoot Monologues/Trish Reeves --

Barefoot Puffin/Aaron Trevino --

Barefoot Running/Ken Bob Saxton --

Barefoot Running Club/Gary Barton, a.k.a., Barefoot Bart --

Barefoot Running Vegan/Thom David --

Barefoot Wandering and Writing/Thea Gavin --

Beginning Barefoot/Barefoot Dawsy --

Bosá turistika o.s./David Mrhač -- and

Bourbonfeet/Patrick Sweeney --

Caballo Tonto, Blog of a Barefoot Runner/Steffen Haugk --

C. Beth Run/C. Beth --

Chautauqua Barefooter/Lee Parker --

Chris’ Ultra Blog/Chris Migotsky --

Coach D's Natural Running/Warren Dickey --

Courir pieds nus/Christian Harbert --

Endorphins/Ameet Sinha --

Finding Time to Do It All/Heather Duey --

Fun Fitness After 50/Laura Blodgett --

Go Barefooting/Jimmy Hart --

Intrinsic Running/Ken Hopes --

John’s Barefoot Running Blog/John Yohe --

Less is More/Marko Roblek --

Lose the Shoes/Kenny --

Maple Grove Barefoot Guy/Christian Peterson --

Matt Metzgar/Matt Metzgar --

Monica --

Mountain Man/Barefoot Josh --

Muddy J/Jason DiPane --

Naked Foot 5K/Dr. Sandy Ziya --

OCEANPAX Puddle Run/Duncan --

On and Off the Trail/Michael Mitchell --

On the Slow Road to the Fast Lane/Chase Williams --

På vei til barbeintmaraton/Jostein Sand Nilsen --

Phyllotaxy/Teage O'Connor --

Pineland Farms Barefoot 5K/Erik Boucher --

Pinnacle Performance & Training/Andy McGhee --

Primitive Health/Robert Tygart --

Pseudo Barefoot Runner/Daves Espia --

Pulmaraton/Tomáš Tichánek --

Ramblings on Barefoot Running, Motherhood and Life/Katie Kift --

Reclaim the Run/Anthony/Footsie --

Rendezvoo/Patrick Voo --

Run Barefoot Girl/Caity McCardell --

Runnerlambda --

Running Against the Grain/Jennifer Ayers-Gould --

Running Naked on Sharp Pointy/Krista Cavender --

Run Swanson/Brian Swanson --

Shod off/Marci Williams --

Society for Barefoot Living --

Story of a Barefoot Runner/Terry Orsi --

Team Doctors/Dr. James Stoxen, DC -- (various locations/attached to articles)

The Barefoot Idiot/Michael Nelson --

The Running Foundation/Andy McGhee --

Thomas Barefoot/Thomas Bojer Eltorp --

Tikk Tok/Tikki --

Toad Shoes, Blog of a Barefoot Runner/Bob Allsopp --

Unshod and Unashamed/Chad --

Vegbarefootrunner/Leigh Moffett/Leigh Scarber --

Walk For Water/Johnna Gilchrist --

Winnipeg Barefoot Runners/Bob Nicol --

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