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2020 International Barefoot Running Day™ (IBRD™)

FAQs for Local Event Organizers

A. Questions about organizing an event
B. Questions about filling out the form

A. Questions about organizing an event:

I might like to organize something. What do I have to do?
Just a few small things:
  1. Identify a good time and location (or existing clinic, race, or fun run) in your area.
  2. Post the information to the IBRD Registration Event Form. (We see that it gets listed.)
  3. Enter your run into the various web calenders. See "Getting Noticed" page for more information.
  4. Identify the running groups and the press in your area, and send them the flyers and press releases (provided by us).
  5. Field questions from interested runners in your area.
  6. Show up a bit early to handle the sign-up sheets and release forms (also provided by us).
  7. Run and have a great time.
  1. You may wish to host a small workshop (10-15 min.) on barefoot running just before your event.
Are minimalist shoes welcome?
Of course! The BRS mission statement includes and supports minimalist shoe running. We still see barefoot as the non-plus-ultra, but minimalists are running on the same spiritual wavelength, and they are more than welcome.

Can I invite my shod friends?
As hard as it is to accept that some of our loved ones still run in (heavy) shoes, it might still not be everyone’s thing. Yes, of course, those wearing shoes are welcome, as long as they are open to the idea. Better yet, try to convince them to run barefoot just for 1km. They might even find it enjoyable.

I have a race planned on that day. Can I count that as part of IBRD?
Yes, of course. We would be delighted to have groups of barefooters running in races or other events. At the end of the day, we want to be able to say “thousands ran together barefoot today.” The time of day is open.

How should we organize it at the local race?
As simply as possible. Just arrange for the barefooters to meet just before the start of the race, so that you can start together, maybe take some photos or maybe have your photo taken by the local press.

How should I organize it, if we're doing our own meeting, not part of an existing race?
As simply as possible, just as long as everyone has fun. Local organizers are free to set up their local meetings as they judge suitable. Some might want to start early in the day to avoid the heat. Some might want to start late to accommodate church-goers. Some might want to run on trail, others on a track. Some may wish to do a timed event, others will emphasize a fun run.

How will BRS support me in getting this organized?
We're doing several things:
  • The website will have a listing of all the local events, so that anyone who is interested will know when and where to meet.
  • We'll be providing press releases for you to send to the local press or running groups to inform them about the event.
  • We'll make a set of "talking points" available, so that you won't be at a total loss for words.
  • We'll provide ad hoc advice, as you go along.
  • We are swapping our IBRD event logo with supporters' logos.
Do we have to buy a t-shirt?
No. The t-shirts will be optional. But, they will become a most coveted collector's item. Part of our goal is to attract some attention—a show of bare pride if you will. The t-shirts would help to do that. Besides, when you purchase a t-shirt, the BRS earns a portion of the sale, and no, this adds nothing to the original cost of the t-shirt.

B. Questions about filling out the form:

The following questions and answers should help with filling out the Entry Form. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to write to IBRD@TheBarefootRunners.org.

How specific does the information need to be?
It should enable someone in the area to find the meeting point without difficulty. An exact street address is good. Adding the name of a recognizable landmark would help, too.

Is the meeting time the time we start running?
You should probably set the meeting time somewhat earlier. You may want to give a small pep talk or demonstration for those who have never tried it before. If your meeting is part of a scheduled event, you need to consider issues of registration and getting to the starting line on time.

Why do I have to become a member of BRS to host an event?
We need a way to prevent spam and abuse. The BRS site already has this infrastructure in place. We’re trying to keep everything simple. While we welcome you heartily and hope that you’ll enjoy the BRS community, we have no ulterior motives--just the spam protection above.

Why do I have to give my name and email address?
While this is a global event, its success is locally driven. Without local organizers, it won’t happen. Therefore, those who are interested in running may have questions, such as ”Can I bring my dog?” The local organizer will need to field those questions.

Is my data safe and private?
Yes. Aside from being listed with the event above, BRS will never sell or give this information away. The BRS privacy policy applies to this event and all data you provide here as well.

But, what if I don’t want to give my private email out?
Please create a temporary email address via a free service for the purpose of handling the questions that may arise.

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