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  1. bare_ftazn
    bare_ftazn Barefoot TJ
  2. Dave Me
    Dave Me
    I am new to this site, after 6mths minimalist running I am looking to progress to barefoot running. Is there any groups in north England?
  3. JonathanR
    I've been running in minimal shoes for a year - and I've discovered a new passion. Alas, I've also hurt my heel by landing on a stone :(
  4. dirtfeet
    dirtfeet Tyler J L
    Hi Tyler, do you walk Barefoot 24/7 like I do?
    1. Tyler J L
      Tyler J L
      Not a whole lot. Mostly when I can. Weather permitting
      Jul 17, 2021
  5. dirtfeet
    dirtfeet hikerdana
    Are you still walking Barefoot?
  6. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    Did a shirtless barefoot run a couple times. Feels pretty great.
  7. Nara Petrovic
    Nara Petrovic
    May in Vermont is perfect for barefooting.
  8. BarefootVince05
  9. Denser1976NL
    A.k.a. The Prader-Willi Runner
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  10. Sleepnheat
    Loving life one step at a time
  11. jerry gould
    jerry gould
    this is my 7 year running barefoot my feet are holding up well but my knees get sore around the 8kl.I guess old age is creeping up on me.
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  12. Lorena
    Here again
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  13. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Katelin Stecz
    Welcome to BRS Katelin. How long have you been a barefooter?
  14. Katelin Stecz
    Katelin Stecz Barefoot TJ
    Hello, my name is Katelin Stecz. I go to the University of Miami where I am currently taking a journalism course. The topic for my final paper is the barefoot running community in Miami. Do you know anyone or can you point me in the direction of someone who runs barefoot in the Miami-Dade area?
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      You are welcome to join the Florida-Miami Chapter and post to anyone who is willing to respond. That chapter has not been very active as of late. Good luck! -TJ
      Oct 31, 2020
  15. Katelin Stecz
    Katelin Stecz
    Does anyone know anyone or can point me in the direction of barefoot runners in Miami.
  16. Katelin Stecz
    Katelin Stecz
    My name is Katelin Stecz. I go to UM, and I'm taking a class in writing. My final paper is story on the barefoot running community in Miami.
  17. Katelin Stecz
  18. Pascal de
    Pascal de
    Pas facile les autres quand on court barefoot
  19. RunningPirate
    Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?
  20. lmb326
    lmb326 Barefoot TJ
    still waiting for a response to my post
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Which post have you not gotten a response to, please? Copy the link here.
      Jul 15, 2020