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  1. Pascal de
    Pascal de
    Pas facile les autres quand on court barefoot
  2. RunningPirate
    Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?
  3. lmb326
    lmb326 Barefoot TJ
    still waiting for a response to my post
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Which post have you not gotten a response to, please? Copy the link here.
      Jul 15, 2020
  4. RandyY
    Still running barefoot, just not posting much. :-)
  5. BareFootBC
    On a long walk...
  6. hiteshkunar
    hiteshkunar Barefoot TJ
    where to buy xero sandals in india.
    how to engage core i n bare foot running to avoid injuri
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Jun 24, 2020
    2. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Jun 24, 2020
    3. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      You can post your questions about core strength in the Health forum or the main Barefoot & Minimalist Running forum.
      Jun 24, 2020
  7. Fetidas
    Fetidas SusHi
  8. Jeremy Reynoso
  9. BareFootBC
    The Trail is the Loofah for my Feet...
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  10. Oerloper
  11. bobfeet
    bobfeet TimKhanna
    Are you still in your Barefeet? Also, are you Barefoot 24/7?
  12. barefootrunnerplantation
    Enjoying being barefoot, playing soccer and running barefoot every time I can!
  13. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    Having a board meeting with the Autism Society of Iowa about my challenge
  14. Bouquet Mathieu
    Bouquet Mathieu
  15. Bouquet Mathieu
  16. HPL Ronin
    HPL Ronin Barefoot HannahC
    I think I am behind I always start my races in the back.
  17. Shawn Franz
    Shawn Franz Barefoot TJ
    Hey TJ, I`m new here...stumbled across some of your posts on Morton`s Neuoma. Sounds like you`ve been through it all and know a lot about it. Been dealing with a bad case in my right foot for 2 years and I`m currently on a wait list for surgery...but really considering going down to the states (I`m from Canada) to try radio ablation or cryoablation. .I was just curious what advice you might have for me?
    1. Shawn Franz
      Shawn Franz
      Also developing similar symptoms in my other can I stop it from becoming a full blown neuroma? Seems like I've tried everyting. Unfotunately my job is walking on concrete all day everyday....should I consider a desk job?
      Sep 27, 2019
  18. Kryno Bosman
    Kryno Bosman
    Back on my soles again...!
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  19. bobfeet
    bobfeet SI barefoot
    You have great looking Barefeet!
  20. Zygielle
    Je me souviens bien de vous et n'ai aucun souci à échanger sur la course minimaliste. A très bientôt ! Laura