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  1. Cyril Hussenet
    Cyril Hussenet
  2. Zefniel
    Let’s go run
  3. Chief Mthembu
    Chief Mthembu Barefoot TJ
    hello there and greetings from Johannesburg (South Africa), I would like to write a book on how I ran South African Comrades barefoot...I am looking for an editor...and publisher...can you please help me. Kind regards Chief. My email is
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    2. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Although I did edit a barefoot running book long ago, I feel I would not be able to give the appropriate amount of attention to editing another book at this time as I have no spare time left to make a commitment. Continued...
      May 31, 2019
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    3. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      But please do feel free to contact Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, guru who wrote the book Barefoot Running Step By Step at I'm sure he should be able to direct you to the right resources. You could also try Jason Robillard, authored 3 barefoot running books, through messaging him on Facebook.

      Good luck! Let us know once you have it published.
      May 31, 2019
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  4. girl runs far (mummie)
    girl runs far (mummie)
    I am an ultra-runner from Thailand.
  5. Jeremy Reynoso
  6. BareFootHeath
    On a sensitivity scale of 1-10 the feet are at least a 14...
  7. Davy Dove
  8. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove Norma Smith
    Hello wish to learn more about barefooting!
  9. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove mandytheartist
    Any tips on how to strengthen my feet immensely fast like how do you drill a years worth of training in a week or even a matter of a mere month?
    1. mandytheartist
      No real tips, but I'd say just run. They'll toughen up
      May 20, 2019
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    2. Davy Dove
      Davy Dove
      May 20, 2019
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  10. degenxr1
    Now In Tulsa
  11. barefootBernd
  12. Hong Kong Barefoot
    Hong Kong Barefoot
    Hong Kong Barefoot Running
  13. Terence Wong
    Terence Wong
    Barefoot! Nothing to lose!
  14. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L mandytheartist
    #barefootautismchallenge starts today
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  15. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove
    Love to barefoot and thus learn!
  16. Hora
    Hora Sly
    J'aurais vraiment envie de passer au pied nu, mais les classiques me retiennent : regard des autres, bouts de verre/ferraille etc... -_-
  17. Hora
    Hora Sly
    Je sais déjà que contrairement au pied nu, on encore une protection (même sans chaussettes) et que du coup faut y aller molo même quand on pense qu'on peut encore faire des km (là où le pied nu, lui, nous aurait dis stop !). Donc j'y vais molo, mais sinon dans ma technique de course j'ai l'impression d'être bon. Mais je suis preneur de toute expérience, surtout mauvaise. ;)
  18. Hora
    Hora Sly
    Salut Sly :)

    "1 year with Vibram FF, lots of problems"

    Je suis en VFF V-Trail (100% de mes run) et ta phrase me fait peur. T'as eu quoi comme soucis avec ?
  19. Kungaloosh Dan
    Kungaloosh Dan
    this is where I would type in my status message
  20. rennsandale
    on the road since 2015, barefoot since 2018. You can follow my blog there you will find a podcast too.