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  1. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Meri Steinmetz
    Hey welcome to BRS!
  2. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Melissa A Tartaglia
    Welcome to the group Melissa.
  3. Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis
    Hello! I'm your new Chapter President. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
  4. Melissa A Tartaglia
    Melissa A Tartaglia
    I want to acclimate to running on pavement (I currently run sidewalk) and I'd like to know any tips you have for me. Thanks.
    thanks for acceptance!barefoot runners from grece!
  6. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove Thea Gavin
    Hello Thea, salutations, and how is Cali treating you?!
  7. Helder
    Ce type-là était intelligent comme ses pieds ; il s'adaptait très vite aux imprévus, avec une souple intuition rarement égalée.
  8. Helder
    Ce type-là était intelligent comme ses pieds ; il réagissait tout de suite, avec une intuition rarement égalée.
  9. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove
    Feeling like i have no privacy nor a place to barefoot of my own!
  10. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove happysongbird
    Hello , can you give me some advice upon how to quickly gain callous whilst barefooting?
  11. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove Barefoot TJ
    Thank you for the confirmation of my account on here, and how many years have you been a barefoot runner?
  12. MissRandie
    10K achieved.. next stop, half marathon!
  13. Crezon Jay Pogoy
    Crezon Jay Pogoy
    Catch out for my next upcoming barefoot running performance this August 26,2018 . Ethos Run @ Mandaue City
  14. Hannu Mieskolainen
    Hannu Mieskolainen Einar
    See You at Mazirbe/Roja after one week?
    1. Einar
      Yes. 34km for me.
      Aug 26, 2018
  15. Hannu Mieskolainen
    Hannu Mieskolainen Tomi Tarvainen
    Hei Tomi! Tervetuloa Facebookissa Luomujuoksu-ryhmään :-)
  16. Victor Guillon
    Victor Guillon haga_court
    Cher haga_court,
    J'ai découvert l'existence de la course pieds nu depuis peu de temps, et je me suis mis à chercher des coureurs dans ma région. Je vis au Touvet, entre Grenoble et Chambéry. Il me semble d'après le site que tu ne vis pas loin de là. Pourrait-on peut-être se rencontrer ? Cordialement, Victor Guillon - 0676141314 /
  17. Peter Francis
  18. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L annaweltman
    Hey Anna! What's new?
  19. MissRandie
    Dang near there! Getting very close to my 10k goal.
  20. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    It's a bit hot outside, so keep an eye out for hot asphalt. That is if your soles can't handle it that well.