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  1. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    It's a bit hot outside, so keep an eye out for hot asphalt. That is if your soles can't handle it that well.
  2. MissRandie
    All those beginner blisters are starting to peel... My poor soles look a bit rough.
  3. MissRandie
    Enjoyed my misty run this morning. Feet be happy!
  4. WiseOldBull
    I has sole ...
  5. MissRandie
    Hoping I'm not being a case of TMTS, but I can't help it. I feel alive and awake.
  6. MissRandie
    DH finally discovered I have been running barefoot and in Genesis. His response? "Odysseus called.. He wants his sandals back." Close, babe.
  7. MissRandie
    Next week starts the 8 minute intervals! I am fully into BF with sandals PRN. Despite some slightly blistery setbacks, this rocks.
  8. MissRandie
    Easy week of C210k done.. I'm debating repeating said easy week for the sake of my tender hooves. Transitioning is as expected; a tad rough.
  9. stephko
    Minimalist Runner and trail Runner, doing lchf diet for health and endurance. Doing barefoot occasionnaly trying to do more often.
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  10. MissRandie
    Ran fully unshod for the first time today. Ground tire track probably wasn't the best choice. Shall allow feet to heal and try again Thurs.
  11. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat
    IBRD 2018 at Geneva finally happened. Merci et bravo à tous.
  12. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    Barefoot Autism Challenge is halfway through
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    2. BarefootPoetAdvocate
      That's great; keep up the great work. Mind if I can write about the Barefoot Autism Challenge (and use the logo and reference the mission statement) on my Wattpad so more people/writers can know about it?
      Apr 17, 2018
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    3. Tyler J L
      Tyler J L
      Sure. You can share it!
      Apr 22, 2018
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    4. BarefootPoetAdvocate
      Great and thanks; I will post a link once I have time to create it.
      Apr 23, 2018
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  13. Barefoot Ken Bob
    Barefoot Ken Bob erickeVolved
    Helloo erickeVovled,

    Ken Bob's Too Much Fun Tour 2018 Autumn

    If you're still interested, what are cross streets near you? We'll look for hotel and venue nearby? Feel free to make suggestions?

    Nearby dog park would be helpful.

    I prefer email;

    TENTATIVE schedule:

    Tennessee, Maryville (need organizer, need lodging) October 27 Sunday (tentative)
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    2. erickeVolved
      I am still interested. I'll be in touch via email.
      Mar 22, 2018
  14. RunningPirate
    No, I’m not the Unabomber...
  15. xcalibur
  16. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    Tuesday, the Autism Society will have another conference call with me.
  17. Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto bfrwi
    Hello, hey I visit Iowa every year I stay in a Town called Marshalltown, I am starting training barefoot, I would like to make new friends from Iowa to train together when I am there September to the end of November, My new challenge is to run the des moines marathon barefoot
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  18. Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto BarefootJL
    Hola amigo, encontre de casualidad tu perfil, oye te agredecere mucho si me puedes dar algun consejo de como lidiar con las miradas curiosas, recien voy empezando en esto de correr descalzo y mi unico obstaculo es que me entra la pena cuando la gente se me queda mirando con cada de sorpresa, soy de Monterrey pero ahora vivo en texas, saludos
  19. Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto Manuel Carballo Gómez
    Hola, corres descalzo? yo estoy empezando en esto y me gustaria conocer otros que tengan mas experiencia en este tipo de entrenamiento, yo soy de Monterrey pero ahora vivo en texas, voy muy seguido a Mty la proxima que vaya quiero entrenar descalzo en el parque fundidora.
  20. Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto
    Thanks for accepting my request to join your group I am new in training barefoot , I live in Port Isabel Texas