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  1. Stefano Maria Di Figlia
    Stefano Maria Di Figlia
    It's not easy to tell why I run barefoot. I always put freedom on the top of my wish-list and running barefoot gives me such a sensation.
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  2. Aurélie
    slow is beautiful
  3. Christian Barefooteur
    Christian Barefooteur petit-pied
    Salut Petit Pied, j'essaie de lancer une discussion avec toi mais je me vois refuser par le système. Tu voudrais bien essayer stp de ton côté ? Faut qu'on discute IBRD et RBFB 2017 - Merci !
    1. petit-pied
      Mar 23, 2017 at 3:12 AM
  4. Christian Barefooteur
    Christian Barefooteur
    Préparations IBRD 2017, RBFB 2017 !
  5. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat Footloose65
    C'est toi Pierrot?
  6. Hannu Mieskolainen
    Hannu Mieskolainen Gunnar
    Hi Gunnar! I am bf-runner from Lahti, Finland and I wondering, is it possible to meet at summer? I I am commign with my family to Tallinnan again, I will run some trips over there. It is nice to run to gether. What You think it about?
  7. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    My friends from Sigma Kappa at Iowa State are thinking about what they're doing for the #barefootautismchallenge
  8. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Barefoot Ken Bob
    Hey Ken. Thanks for sharing my autism challenge where you did! Keep it up!
  9. Lehmann
    ultra trail runner - barefooter
  10. Peter Francis
    Peter Francis
    Delighted to become a member of the barefoot runners society!
  11. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    Only one month away until the #barefootautismchallenge kickoff!
  12. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L mandytheartist
    Hey Mandy! How are you?
    1. mandytheartist
      Pretty good! Go to dr to confirm that I'm preggers this week, get more accurate DD
      Feb 25, 2017
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    2. Tyler J L
      Tyler J L
      Cool! Been seeing all the updates on my challenge page?
      Feb 25, 2017
  13. Lorena
    I'll take a pic with me wearing it. Promise ;)
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    2. Tyler J L
      Tyler J L
      Okay! Maybe take a picture of you wearing it while barefoot too.
      Feb 25, 2017
  14. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Lorena
    Hey Lorena. Did you happen to get a picture of your shirt yet? I'm anxious to see it!
  15. Lorena
    Yes I did. I'm so excited about it
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    2. Tyler J L
      Tyler J L
      Well you should take a picture of you with your shirt and send it to me in a conversation.
      Feb 23, 2017
  16. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L Lorena
    Hey did your shirt come yet?
  17. Tyler J L
  18. brunopecq
    6/7 ans en CAP, je debute en Barefoot :)
  19. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    72 degrees today! Is it just me, or did I have the calendar all messed up the whole time?
  20. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L mandytheartist
    My autism challenge page has got 150 likes on it!!