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  1. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    I'm taking advantage of the nice weather in Iowa.
  2. dirtfeet
    dirtfeet hikerdana
    Hi Hikerdana, Are you still walking Barefoot 24/7 like I do?
  3. Davy Dove
    Davy Dove Norma Coto
    Hello Norma i live in virginia and am a barefoot runner how are you?
  4. Bart
    Exploration mode = ON
  5. Chicago barefoot runner
    Chicago barefoot runner
    Barefoot runner for 19 years. Run 8 barefoot miles a day, and multiple marathons barefoot every year.
  6. Huy-Richard Vo
    Huy-Richard Vo Barefoot TJ
    Hello, I would like to know if you could create a Texas - Houston chapter? There is currently Austin & Dallas listed. Out of my 7 months running a couple of trails in Houston I have not seen any barefooters and only 2 minimal shoe runners. Thank you in advance.
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      My message was too long to post here, so I messaged you privately.
      Oct 31, 2022
  7. Huy-Richard Vo
    Huy-Richard Vo
    Hello all, I started running seriously in March 2022 to shed 30 lbs of sympathy weight (10 lbs/kid) transferred to me from my wife.
  8. duckfeet
    duckfeet Tedlet
    Hi Tedlet,
    Have not seen you on this site for quite some time. Everything OK?
  9. Tyler J L
    Tyler J L
    I had a great time at the Special Olympics USA Games last week.
  10. Dr Barefoot Pat
  11. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat
    Join us in Geneva to experience sustainable and joyfull running.
  12. Harry Horrocks
    Harry Horrocks Barefoot TJ
    Hello Barefoot TJ

    My name is Harry and I am a student at the University of Sheffield. On the 12th June, I will be completing a barefoot 10km run in aid of the charity Kit4Kenya. I decided to organise this barefoot run as it ties in with the children we are raising money for in Kenya.

    I'm aware I don't have a lot of time but if you (or anyone else) have any advice for training etc. please get in touch.
    1. Barefoot TJ
      Barefoot TJ
      Apr 19, 2022
  13. Dr Barefoot Pat
  14. Dr Barefoot Pat
  15. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat
    IBRD2022 in Geneva with these logos and poster
  16. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat Bjorn Foten
    Hi Bjorn, I write to you because TJ told me that you could be willing to "organize" the IBRD2022. Just in case, I want to tell you that I am organizing an IBRD2022 event here in Geneva, on May 1st.
    I have made a poster and a tentative logo for the event. It is less fancy than the previous ones but at least it exists now.
  17. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat
    Easy, Light, Smooth, Filled with Joy and Curiosity.
  18. Dr Barefoot Pat
    Dr Barefoot Pat
    Easy, Light, Smooth, Filled witb Joy and Curiosity
  19. Ben Le Vesconte
    Ben Le Vesconte
    Love Feet Love Movement
  20. Barefoot TJ
    Barefoot TJ Bare Lee
    Love the Asphalt Technician avatar, Lee!
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