Who am I?

Blog entry posted by Theresa, Oct 11, 2011.

I'm a mother, a wife, a runner. I am also known as Barefoot Mama. I live in a rural community in Maine. I grew up here and continue to love the rustic yet beautiful area I live in. Maine is a wonderful place to bring up my children. I love the simple things in life. I hate to shop! I'd rather camp in a tent and rough it than sleep in a hotel. I love to garden although my husband thinks I have a black thumb! The winters can be long and tough, especially for us barefoot runners. Maine winters are good for crock pot dinners, woodstoves and popcorn, gatherings for afternoons with friends, reading some good books, playing in the snow with my children, skiing or snowshoeing and and trying to figure out how to run in the snow! I also would rather run in the cold than run indoors on the track. I love to compete. When I run I run with all my heart and soul. I give it my all. But I also like to have fun and take picures when I run. I like to celebrate my runs, in almost all the pictures of me after a race I am holding a beer! :) And, I love barefoot running; it allows me to feel the freedom to move gently and injury free.

I've had an account on this site for over a year and have not yet made this introduction. So, Hello!