What to know before start running again, as if.

Blog entry posted by Janne, Sep 13, 2019.

Looking for something else I came across a video about good things to know before starting running. The things were: shoes, food, apps, places and motivation. I guess there is no real order. All those things are important for that person and it seems to resonate by judging by the amount of views. So people like to run, we just don't know how and we get injured or we just don't know where to start.

Sad state of affairs. Running was vital for humans and this skill, it seems, is not at easy reach for the masses. Running for 20+ Km seems like a big exploit and when anybody tries to do it, the first thing we question ourselves is the type of shoes we need for that - of course if money is not an issue.

If I were to talk to me before my first attempts to do long distance running, I would start with my form. Get it right for short periods of time but often. Run 100m, rest and go back paying attention to every detail and checking for errors or misses. Do it often but do not get tired, you are building patterns on your body and they have to be the right ones. Stop when tiredness settles and you begin being sloppy.

The next one would be: travel light. Get a light small backpack for whatever you need to carry and get the lightest and minimal shoes, if any. You are starting easy but methodically and without hurry.

Good things will come with time and listen to every sign your body gives. Barefoot will give the best feedback. Pay attention to what you feel, do not ignore it and adjust to minimize pain or discomfort. This is a game, the journey is incredible and the price irreplaceable.