WEEK 21 update & WEEK 22 goals (total time 60-75 mins if all goes well)

Blog entry posted by shawshank, Jan 2, 2012.

WEEK 22 update

I took it easy this week w/ cross-training (plus the holidays). Mostly swim & yoga. But I did try to fit in two short & slow BF workouts

Tues - I did a 30 min walk/run w/ my boys on an indoor track to see how my calf was doing since there was no pain. [Not a problem so I decided to take a few days off before trying a slow BFR.]

Fri - 20 min BFR (very slow pace, concentrating on form & footstrike). No pain afterwards. I was planning on taking 2 days off, but the Y closed on new years day so I am going to try for another 20 (maybe 25?) min slow BFR & keep at least 2 days between the runs to allow for late onset pain in my calf.

GOALS FOR WEEK 23 (total time = 60 mins if all goes well):

- Mon: 20-25 min BFR (very slow)

- Thurs: 20-25 min BFR (very slow)

- Sun: 20-25 min BFR (very slow)

best holiday wishes to all! s/s.