WEEK 19 BFR & WEEK 20 goals [short version = setback = calf pain --> week off], WEEK 21 goals {??]

Blog entry posted by shawshank, Dec 17, 2011.

WEEK 19 BFR goals (160 mins total)

- goal for Mon = 50 mins Mon (@ YMCA indoor track). I made a mistake computing the time I needed to run so I ran 55 mins instead.

- goal for Wed =- 50 mins (@ YMCA track). Another miscalculation (I have been travelling past 3 weeks so it was bound to happen). I ran 55 mins instead.

- goal for Fri = 60 min Fri (@ YMCA due to weather). Out of town on Fri, but my calves were not feeling good this week. So I pushed the run back to Sat nite & ran for 65 (instead of scheduled 60). My calves felt even more tender. [I may have been trying to run a bit faster on the indoor track by concentrating on increasing my cadence.]

Which leads us to WEEK 20

- goal for Mon = 55 mins. Felt calf pain @ 35 mins so I stopped. The pain didn't stop so I took 3 days off. Calf pain lasted for 1 day after BFR (tender & I went back to massaging my calves w/ the roller & sitting on the tennis balls). I took 1 week off since I still felt soreness & adjusted down my goals for week 21.

WEEK 21 goals (??)

- goal for Mon = 35 mins. My calves still felt sore during the run & the next day. So I took 2 complete days off & tried to make a conscious effort to slow down. Calves were sore for next day. Did some massage w/ roller.

- goal for Fri = 35 mins. Had to stop after 30 mins when I felt calf pain. Decided to stop & stretch. I am taking at least one week off before giving it another try because I do not want to risk a more serious injury. I am doing yoga at least 4 times a week & will try to do the 100 ups challenge (http://naturalrunningstore.com/100upchallenge) and some more leg strengthening & see if that makes a difference.

Meanwhile, I will continue to swim & do yoga & try to incorporate more water running, elliptical (when my calves feel a bit better), & other cross training.

This is a major setback for me because I was really plugging along. The major problem may have been the combination of the Thanksgiving holidays that were sandwiched between two business trips that took me out of town (on top of stress on both the job & home front).

I am trying to stay patient so I hope you all do the same. Any advice is welcome! s/s.