WEEK 18 BFR (145 mins) & WEEK 19 BFR goals (160 mins)

Blog entry posted by shawshank, Nov 21, 2011.

WEEK 18 BFR (145 mins total)

- 45 mins Sunday (@ YMCA indoor track)

- 45 mins Tues (trying to challenge myself w/ different surfaces when the weather is still ok)

- 55 min Fri (@ cross country, but it depends on weather.). Had to push my run back until Sat nite because I was out of town this week. But I got it in.

WEEK 19 BFR goals (160 mins total)

- 50 mins Mon (@ YMCA indoor track)

- 50 mins Wed

- 60 min Fri (@ cross country, but it depends on weather.). Hope the weather is good enuf to run outside. I have had a lingering blister (that is healing), but I have had some "side blisters" form from walking around in my VIBRAMS when I'm not running. The main problem is that moisture gets into the 5 fingers, causes friction, & then smaller blisters form on the side of the larger one (that is drained & just a layer of skin).

Will keep you all up to date. It has been affecting my walking because my heel is a bit tender, but not enough to stop me from doing my slow (but enjoyable) runs.

g/l to all! s/s.