WEEK 15 BFR (107 min total) & WEEK 16 BFR goals (118 total)

Blog entry posted by shawshank, Oct 30, 2011.

WEEK 15 BFR (107 mins total) Feeling a little tight in my calves & feet a little sore. Boys & I did a natural running clinic on Tues on a rubber track --> very small blister on my heel w/ the drills & little bit of running. I will see how this week 16 goes. If my legs don't feel better, then I will not increase by 10% next week. Very busy @ work for next few weeks + travel so this week (16) will be very challenging.]

- 30mins Sunday (@ YMCA indoor track))

- 30mins Tues (@ YMCA indoor track)

- 47 mins Friday @ YMCA indoor track (getting too cold out there w/ temp dropping so I ran indoors.)

WEEK 16 BFR goals (118 mins total)

- 35 mins Sunday (@ YMCA indoor track)

- 35 mins Tues (@ YMCA indoor track)

- 48 min Fri (going out of town so may have to push this BFR back to Sat w/ boys.)