Vacation almost upon me... uh oh,

Blog entry posted by MedicGirl, May 14, 2017.

As I sit here hard at work (haha, rough day in my rolling office), I'm suddenly panic stricken about my running while on vacation.

Each year we take an extended vacation and I get to run in some of the best places in the country every day for 2 months. But this year, we are headed north and west through Canada up into a
Alaska. While this trip will be epic, I am suddenly concerned about road and trail conditions throughout the Yukon, Alcan Highway, etc...

If any of my fellow runners have been up that way, message me please. Should I invest in an actual pair of minimalist shoes (), or will I be relegated to wearing my rugged trail shoes? Or do you remember any great barefoot running places that you'd recommend to plan into our itinerary?

Can't wait to have this adventure. So I'll be the girl running up th Alcan, uploading spectacular pics of the scenery when I reach wifi.

Oh yeah...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful Moms out there.

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