Update on Safari Half Marathon 2011

Blog entry posted by Hybrid g, May 20, 2011.

On Monday 2nd May 2011, I completed the Safari Half Marathon in 1:59. This was my first race since August 2010!

It was GREAT!!!

The plan was to run half the race in sandal/huaraches and half barefoot but it didn't work out that way. The road was not as smooth as I hoped it would be :(.I was also concerned about the gravel section of the route but fortunately it didn't rain that day like it did the three or four previous races and I quite enjoyed that piece of the route.

As always, there was the odd look, double takes and comments from fellow runners and spectators. One comment that I found really funny was from a young boy on the side of the road as I ran past him; "Hey, look that man is running with women shoes!" I actually caught myself LOL :)! After that they must have really thought I was crazy :). You must admit, the sandals look like those "gladiator-type" sandals women are wearing these days.

I started the race from the back because we have three girls in the family (no need to explain this right? :) ) and I forgot about the toilet part before the race and actually lost a bit of time there too :). I reached the start line just as the (second) last person crossed it. As I made my way through the masses, I was grateful to meet a few of my friends/colleagues along the way and had a chat just so I couldn't start off too quick.

Besides having to run without a "rhythm buddy" the whole race, I felt really good. The only time I had some company was when someone wanted to chat to me about how crazy I am running in sandals and then having to drop back because they cannot handle my pace or they don't have anything else to say :). The only thing I tell them is: “Well, I've made it this far in them!”

I'm glad that I could just stick to my plan to just finish the race in under two hours and most importantly, completing it running in sandals/huaraches!!

My next race is the Helderberg Mountain Challenge - Extreme 24 Kmon 22 May 2011. I'm very tempted to do a sandal/huaraches run again but after the lesson I learned last August 2010, I think I'll be sticking to my weights for this one.

After all, I am Hybrid, right?