Trying out Xero Shoes Sensori Ventures

Blog entry posted by RandyY, May 11, 2014.

Way back in February, I won a pair of Xero Shoes Sensori Ventures. Due to traditional northern Canada weather, I was unable to give them a review before now!

I love them for walking, nice to have such a thin sole with that much ground feel. I did try them for several runs as well. They actually kept my toes warmer than my Vffs! Possibly because my toes aren't restricted by fabric.. I didn't feel the cold from the pavement either. While I still prefer barefoot running, for colder temperatures and rough terrain, I think these will work well. :)

I have to sit down and watch the video to adjust them a bit better, they do fit well out of the box, but I would like to tweak them a bit for a better fit anyway.

I did notice a bit of slapping noise while running, but that could very well be because of my technique, or lack thereof! ;-) I do have to lift my feet with these, I tend to drag my feet and I've noticed I hook the front of the sandal on occasion. But, as my mother would have said, I really should lift my feet when I walk! Lol

One other negative, my wife doesn't like the looks of them...but then, she also doesn't understand why I run barefoot either... ah well... :)
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