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Maybe I'm too old to transition. After taking off six weekswith Achilles tendonitis. I ran a 5k BF (with almost no training)and a few days later pulled my right calf muscle. I took five weeks off, thenI did three 6 mile runs and drove to Erie PA and ran the Presque Isle 1/2 marathon. My plan was to run the first ten miles in my Kinvara shoes, then take them off and run the 5k to the finish BF. The first ten miles were great, the park was beautiful, I was averageing about 8:40 pace. At the ten mile marker I took off my shoes and decided to carry them the last 5k. The switch to BF felt great. I picked up the pace to 8:20 and was beginning to kick to the finish when, with .2 miles to go I pulled my left calf muscle. I couldn't run, I could barely walk. I put my shoes back on, thinking a little heel lift might help. I struggled to the finish loseing about three minutes, but somehow still managed to win my age group. Now it's one week later and I was able to walkone and a half miles today before the pain returned. I'm signed up to run a 5k in two weeks, but I don't think it will happen. I really want to run the Turkey Trot 5 miles Thanksgiving. I've been trying to make the transition since last November. I do all my short runs BF and the long runs with my Kinvaras or minimal (Hattori) I have no doubt that my BF racing form leaves much to be desired, however it feels great and I can run faster than with shoes. At sixty eight this is an experiment and I am too impatient to take the time to ease back into running. I've always had injuries when I ran shod, so I cannot blame the difficulties solely on BF.

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