TOTF pain

Blog entry posted by Spiderweb62, Mar 4, 2012.

I have been sidelined for 4 weeks now, my right foot was in pain, and I start slowly to recover. It is the second time I am having this, last time was on the left foot. Again a case of too much too soon, after doing some great runs of about 4km, I increased the distance too much, but I guess this is what happens when you're impatient....

Now after 4 weeks, I start to see the end of the tunnel and will start slowly to run again.

I believe my right foot needs a bit more flexion, so I am actively stretching calf/achilles....

I am using a TPtherapy roller (see to help me soften my muscles, they really work miracles !!

I walked 4km on Friday and it was good, so hopefully I can start running again soon, it feels itchy in my feet !!!!

Wish me luck, I haven't given up on my barefoot dream !!!


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