Thoughts on marathon prep and stuff I'm carrying

Blog entry posted by 7ships, Oct 7, 2011.

Actually I run to thrive not survive but I do have some materials to keep me smiling. My plan is to take it pretty easy at first and try not to get swept up in the excitement of the start and push too hard. I'm going to give it a few miles to see where I'm at, make sure the bod is ready for the haul and then let loose. I'm shooting for having a good time rather than running a short time. It's my first marathon and I'm going to enjoy running through all of these neighborhoods from my childhood. I think I'm running past every school I've ever been to aside from two.


Here's the stuff list from the top left.

GoPro Hero HD cameraand headmount

Hammer Endurolytes

Body Glide Anti-chafe balm

Nathan hip pack (I've got a hand carry bottle too)

Gu Brew, Chomps and gels

Sun glasses (can't remember the brand right now)

A rolling pin

A soft ball

That hard to see, grey dri-fit hat given to me byDeath's Door Spirits

Merrell Trail Gloves

Pearl Izumi running shorts

Addidas running shirt

GoPro is what we used on our last mud race. My brother had bought one and it was totally amazing so I bought one and I'm going to record a bunch of running time and post a video after. The head mount is awesome and doesn't chafe or bounce and the video quality is fantastic. It's even got a water proof case. It's what we filed these videos on.

The Endurolytes are an awesome way to keep really hydrated on long runs. Drinking water alone won't do the job because you're losing so much salt in your sweat that you can't hydrate properly without some electrolytes. Many people like powders in water but I get much better results from drinking water and taking these pills every 20min or so. It's all aboutOsmosis.

Body Glide? Self explanatory I think. Count the number of times your thighs pass each other in an average day, add sweat and you're missing some skin. The one thing I forgot here is my nipple tape. I'll leave that to your imagination


Gu stuff is all about calories. I've got Brew for extra hydration these last couple of days before the race, Gels for sugar while running (one every half hour), Chomps for sugar plus caffeine (last third of the race). You can get your calories from a variety of sources but this is really the simplest way to go about it.

[​IMG]A rolling pin and soft ball are for fending off the other 39,999 people who might be getting in my way. I think I've talked about before. They're for working out the muscles in my legs and feet in the days before the run. These two things helped solve some almost injuries earlier in my training and I rely on them completely. Click on them to go to the website of the mad running genius who turned me on to this and saved my training, Scott Hadley.

It's going to be hot this weekend so hat and sunglasses. It's amazing how much energy you can save by not squinting for 3.5 hours. Focusing on what you're doing is essential. The shorts have a pocket in the back for easy access to caffeine.

All this stuff is about keeping the body in good form so the mind can focus on the task at hand. If your body is running low the mind becomes consumed with just keeping moving. In my experience the best thing you can do to keep yourself from losing it is make sure your body is taken care of. If the bod has all of the sugar and hydration it needs you don't have to consume your mental energy fighting that battle.

Less battle = more :) and that's what I'm shooting for.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck!