Things you should not do whilst drunk #479

Blog entry posted by Kittyk, Sep 7, 2010.

[This is actually a post from my blog, however it is such a ludicrous story I thought you guys might enjoy it too]

Give a runner an internet connection and a valid credit card. Why?? If you do then the said runner will get a big shock when he/she opens their in-box the next morning to find race registration confirmations..

I unfortunately say this from experience. Actually, experience from last Friday to be fair! After a fantastic night out with a friend of mine and a couple of bottles of wine later, I stumble home and make my first mistake. I switched on the computer!

Okay, a bit of a mistake, but in the scale of things not a disaster. Second mistake; oh look, I am connected to our secure home wireless network. Cool, but you know, worst things have happened to drunk people; ummm... affairs and consequently babies, secret kisses and then resulting cold-sores, visits to prison cells, hidden flashing traffic cones under the bed. (I speak from experience on the last one - again another story!)

So all in all, not much of disaster. In my drunken haze I start browsing. Let's look at this race I am planning in April. I am guessing this is what I am thinking. I actually don't remember. However, it's the only logical explanation of have for what is to follow. I look at the hill I am going to climb during this race and SOMEHOW I come across the '5 peaks racing series' website.

'5 peaks' is a series of races which take place over the summer where the goal is to run a race between 11-15K (about 7-9 miles in imperial), during which you have to climb a mountain. It's all trail based and the inclines/declines are usually around 500-600m (1500-2000ft).

Interesting, I MUST have been thinking that I wish I had known this, because it would have been great preparation for the 50K in April. The series is just about ended. This is where the biggest mistake happened during the night. I thought the word JUST; but look there is one race left. Again, look, it is over the Diez Vista trail. Look, even more, it goes over the mountain I would climb.

The drunken consequences happen quickly after this point. Before I must have realised (remember I am still very drunk), I had my credit card out and I had registered for the 26.5K run. The longest race of the series. How in the Hell I had managed to type in my details correctly I have NO idea. At this point I am not even sure I could see.

So, the next morning, with a hangover to rival most I have encountered (and that is saying something!), I look at my in-box. Puzzled, I look at the congratulatory email from the 5-peaks series. I am not sure what I thought then; I think I have blocked it out of my memory. Oh the horror!!! (As a side note, I don't think they accept 'drunken registrations' as a valid excuse for a refund do they?)

Needless to say I am now registered for the longest run I have ever done. Over a mountain. On a very technical trail, (I have yet to do a trail race) and it's at the end of the month. Oh, did I not mention that? The race is on 26th September. I have 3 weekends to train and taper.

As you can imagine, I am using this race as a reconnaissance mission for the race next year. I think I will be happy to come away from the race without getting lost OR needing an ambulance. So in that respect I think it will be good. I have no expectations on myself and that usually makes the situation work out for me.

The whole experience has made me look for a 'motto' for myself. Something to spur me on; A mantra. This I also found in my in-box. A mail from myself, written at the same time as the registration email. All it said was:

"Swedish for fearless is 'or├Ądd'.."

Why I had been looking for translations for fearless and why I had just picked out the swedish translation I will never know. I think it is going to be one of those hidden mysteries of the universe. However, I think I will sharpie that on my arm to remind me, that even in drunken hazes there is a meaning to everything I do.