The continued barefoot journey

Blog entry posted by barefoot kean, Jul 8, 2010.

Well, its 12:42 a.m. on a Thursday, im really excited about the new episode of futurama this evening (I don't watch T.V. ever, but once a week for 30 min i make an exception. Ithink the nerd factor of the show appeals to the aerospace engineer in me), and i don't have work this week!!! Anyhow, on to running related ramblings ;)

As i mentioned last time the full transition is rather difficult. This time around all the beautiful callus that ive built up is for naught, due to a very large blister on the ball of both my feet. This made running on hard surfaces nearly impossible due to the tender new skin :( Therefore i have learned a valuable lesson, walking barefoot using a forefoot strike is probably the best thing one can do for themselves. It works the muscles and toughens the skin.

I have also decided to go 95% hippie! By this i mean i am going 95% vegetarian, i think people are crazy for totally giving up meat, and have decided to go 100% barefoot, unless im in a place where it is absolutely mandatory (Im even barefoot at the gym, talk about weird looks from people) everywhere else i wear huaraches. This inspires both odd looks and many conversations, which in turn inspires even more odd looks coupled with comments about how "crazy I am". And, other then the 2L of Mt.Dew i drank last hour, i have given up soda.

On a hippie related side note, what have you done/ plan to do to help the environment this week? I really am interested and would love to hear what other people are doing. Both for support and ideas.

Lately i have been playing a lot of soccer barefoot. I find it serves several beneficial purposes. 1) You must focus on running technique in a whole new way because of the new added factor of kicking and controlling the ball. This adds excitement and serves to reinforce positives and root out negatives. 2) Striking the ball strengthens the top of your foot, a possible way to reduce top of foot pain? i think so. My ideology behind this is much the same as a UFC fighter. By striking the muscle repeatedly you force it to adapt to higher impact forces, causing the muscles to become more dense and resilient to strain. 3) creates foot ground obstacle awareness, which in turn creates more balance and stability. 4) soccer is a great way to stay in shape and is just plain fun.

Finally, ive volunteered to write for the BRS, so any article suggestions/ideas would be awesome.