The case for shoes

Blog entry posted by Janne, Oct 25, 2019.

It was a barefoot runner talking about shoes. I felt the presenter was joking, how could a barefoot runner talk something good about shoes? In shock and denial, I kept listening and there was a point. It is a trade-off. People may look better with elevated heels or feel more confident. At the end of the day, their users are getting a little bit longer with the grace of a shoe, not a magic trick per se.

Most health professionals will agree that the use of high heels comes with a cost. They explain there is too much pressure on the front of the foot and most of those shoes are narrow and increase the chances off get bunions. But when talking about running or walking those caution words are not to be found. What is the trade-off when using running cushioned shoes? Is it worth it?

The same question goes for going barefoot. Working in a steel factory, I would not go about with my bare feet. But why not when running on open space, where I can foresee the conditions and gaze for danger? Having some little aches now and then against the reward of gracious movement and experiencing the feeling of freedom are worth the risk.
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