The Beginning

Blog entry posted by MissRandie, Jun 5, 2018.

As of today, I am just a little over two weeks into the beginnings of my new footloose and fancy free lifestyle. Just a baby tender hoofed calf. My feet are a bit grumpy, but I fully expected them to be. I've had them encased for so long in careful footwear that I had let them lazily atrophy.

No more of that! I have yet to put my running shoes back on except once, and have instead been wearing either a pair of Xero Genesis or a pair of water socks when necessary. Or socks when my feet were far too overstimulated.

I am trying to not do too much too soon, but being barefoot is so... freeing. I feel like I have opened up an entirely new set of senses, and I would rather lose a little of my progress on my couch to 10k running program than have to put them back on.

I am, of course, dealing with the consequences of my decisions, and am sporting some sassy blisters. The good news is that they are pretty darn symmetrical. The bad news is, they like to puff up a bit after every run and seal back down with rest. They were tender the first few days, but now they seem more to serve as a reminder of how I need to place my feet. The one under my left 4th MP joint is the most tender.

The blister pattern is as follows: medial neck of bilateral big toes, bilateral base of second philanges at the edge of the foot pad (potentially where toe thong meets sole), a puffy set of connected oblong blisters under the third and fourth MP joints on the right, and a gnarly but well sealed one under the fourth MP joint on the left. Also, the lateral tips of my fourth philanges bilaterally. They curl medially a bit, and it exposes the lateral side.

After some extensive reading, I have also determined that I am part of the genetic throwback of Morton's Toe. Bilaterally. I have yet to determine how much of an issue it will be, as I really don't run that much yet. Honestly, I'm not sure I can be classed as a runner yet, as I'm only 6 weeks into my C210K program. But I am for sure a walker, and want to start hiking more than walking. Those are activities I definitely want to continue doing barefoot.

Oh, also a fun note: my husband has yet to make any comment on my sudden unshod change of heart. Or on my BF running. I'm not really sure he has noticed.

I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to do when we go home for hunting season this deep fall and how I will shoe myself then. I'm sure it'll come to me between now and November.
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