Starting out

Blog entry posted by barefoot kean, Jun 16, 2010.

The transition to barefoot running honestly, sucks. Within the first few minutes of day 1 I got two massive blisters in very awkward places, very painful. Once I even ran through wet asphalt at the golf course, fun! The only problem with that is that my toes stuck together a bit after that. Finally, while running the other day my big toe started to bleed inexplicably. As it turns out something poked a tiny hole in my skin that wont close up, sediment now continuously gets stuck in there. This is causing a very slow healing time.

Now for the good parts. Since deciding to go completely barefoot over minimal running the skin on the bottom of my feet has become quite a bit more durable. I have also found that my stride has become quite comfortable and regulated at a very fast rate (thanks Ken Bob and Barefoot Jason for your instructional's). The distance my feet can handle without sever blistering and/or pain is increasing quite nicely, from less than a quarter mile to more than one within a couple of weeks.

Over-all the journey thus far is quite worth it and i have high expectations for the future. If anyone actually reads this and is still new to barefooting, i would suggest to focus on two things to optimize technique, 1) focus on lifting you whole foot, dont worry about propelling your body forward 2) also focus on keeping for foot strike below your center of gravity.

Anyhow, enjoy your further running and i hope to have something interesting to post in the near future.