rough road

Blog entry posted by barefoottim, Apr 28, 2011.

8 months new to barefoot running and the feeling free and more or less pain free.

went out two weeks ago and ran the grounds of a local seminary, There is a large area used for

soccer, probably a full lap would be a full mile. At the edge of the grounds lie a wooded area which

follows the St. Joe river. I felt like a kid running through the woods. until i came across a place

where someone dumped there ashes. I ran most of that 4 miles barefoot then slipped on the vff.

I have completed a 8 mile run in the vff,with about 3 miles being barefoot, and a 7.5 run in just the vff,

For the most part the vff has only gone on my fet when it was to cold,to wet,or doing a long run.

My feet are a bit tender at the metatarsals. I came across a long section of unfinished road that

was a very rugged , sharp rock. even in the vffs the running was hard. So I think I'm still sore

from that long run.

Lately going barefoot has not gone so smooth. Just cant seem to land softly enough nd the hip flexor

has been tight and sore, come on and get it together man, I want to run.