Portland Oregon, Race Report, 10k, Wildwood Trail, July 28th, 2012

Blog entry posted by jldeleon, Jul 29, 2012.

This race was on a route I was very familiar with, which was both fortunate and unfortunate. I knew the first part was the arch bruising type rocks. Though I “have” ran it barefoot on a couple of occasions, it was not pleasant at all. So for this race I decided I would wear huaraches over that super rocky section –which was about ¼ of the total route. This posed a whole other problem cause my skin is so sensitive that I have not found laces that don’t end up cutting into my skin. Therefore, there was only one solution –socks! I looked especially geekish wearing sports socks and huaraches. Lol.

As is my usual plan, I started last, even behind the walkers. This is single lane trail and, in a lot of instances, barely passable even that way. When I got through the rocky part I ditched my shoes behind a stump and kept on running. I walked up the steep parts that I usually walk up.

I woke up with exceptionally good musculoskeletal alignment, which allowed my energy to flow really well, which made for one of the best feeling trail runs I had ever had. I ended up completing the race in 1:33:18. This was a 14:21 pace. I’ve “maybe” ran as low as a 15 before –which was an estimate because I don’t really have mileage or speed goals, I just estimate on occasion, or use trail markers or my friends’ GPS once in awhile as a gage. This was especially astonishing to me, because this time included a good 10 minutes of down time- peeing in the bushes, taking my sandals off, putting my sandals back on, and stopping twice to drink water and to chomp on a handful of pumpkin seeds. It even includes, stopping and allowing this irritating woman who was “clomping” her feet, behind me, to pass me, and get far enough ahead of me that I wouldn’t have that sound behind me. It didn’t work, however, and I ended up having to bust my butt to pass her at one point. I have grown to hate that sound and it makes me physically uncomfortable to listen to and makes me a bit grouchy. The incline was on the way out and the decline all the way back. I kicked butt on the way back. I was going downhill so fast that I heard one girl say I looked like I was “falling” down the hill.

Two hot guys said, “Good job” and the second one said something about me being extra awesome or something like that. One woman yelled out, “Holy heck! Did you see that? She’s barefoot!!!” And then there was that one guy. He was passing me on my way out and he yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Barefoot! Are you CAAARAZY?!” I yelled back, “I’m not the one wearing weights on my feet.” A couple people who were running behind me quietly made the sound of “oooohhhh (touché).” Lol. I do not have a photo from the race, cuz I ran this one all alone.

Afterward, my body felt superb, no strange aches or pains, no bruises, no cuts, nothing. I felt great and today I just have a small handful of my normal trigger points in my left foot. I definitely do not feel like I ran that route, nor at that pace. It was great! And it was my first completed 10k (mostly barefoot) race. J