nearly 7 weeks without trainers

I think I would give you a small status report of my running.

Friday is my 7th week running in VFF and my first week running BF :)

I have been pushing myself a little because I want to complete Barlin Marathon i late september. I try to run 3 - 4 times per week if my body allows me to do that. So far I only had problems with my legs once in week 3 when I went from 2K to 4K.My calfs were so sore that I had to rest 5 days because I almost couldn't walk. After 5 days without running I was back in business.

Last week I ran Tuesday 5.5K, Thursday 5.5K and Sunday 9K. I will stick to the 2 times 5.5 and then I will add an extra km to my Sunday run each week. So this week is the same except that the Sunday run will be 10K, next Sunday will be 11K etc. And yes I plan to stop around 25K.....and no I am not planning to run25K every Sunday :) but for now the +1K is the plan.

Yesterday after running the 5.5K barefooted I noticed thatboth mycalfs were feeling really good. Not sore at all. It was like I could do 10K extra if I wanted to do that...but I sticked to the plan. I do not want to do TMTS again.

My last 3 runs has been without VFF. Just BF. I called myself a barefooted runner when running in my VFF, but running totally BF adds a new dimension to the concept. It simply feels great. VFF running is great. BF running is joyful simply makes me happy.



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