My "just another trail race report done barefoot"

Blog entry posted by migangelo, Apr 15, 2011.

Alright. Stomper went first, now my turn. I have school all week so homework takes up my time until the weekend when i get a bit more freedom that's why there was a lag in my posting. Plus work.

So over a month ago Stomper posts a call for a ride to the mud run at Hagg Lake. I thought, sure i'll do it. My mom lives on the way so i can visit after. I sign up and tell him i'll take him. We are working out the details and the night before he sends me a text that he has a ride there and back. (a lot of Portlanders don't have cars. Really good public transportation system here and lots of bikes.) Great. I'm stuck racing now. I had two colds over the past two months, a sore left calf, and for some odd reason the metatarsals in my right foot were vibrating every time i ran. No pain just vibrating. Weird.

I pick up my girls around 11pm when i get off of work and try to go straight to bed. They of course being sisters are fighting and i have to get up and yell before they get quite. i'm up around 4:30 for no real reason so i watch a movie until it's time to go make breakfast. I make it and the little one barely gets up in time to eat and takes most of her food in the car. It's off to grandma's house for the girls and the dog.

I get there and walk around in shorts and huaraches. Everyone is looking at my feet. One volunteer asks if i have shoes in my backpack. I smirk and say of course i do. I just don't tell her i'm not running in those either. Stomper and i meet and line up when its time. i then take off my shoes and sweater, looking back i wish i had went shirtless since i got so hot. I lost my beanie cap out there. I hear lots of comments about both of us and make friendly replies to many people.

I even had a few people tell me to get some vibrams. When i replied i had two pairs they were all silent. Stomper and i were the only bfr's but there were a number of vffers and one guy with some trail gloves. I talked with him for a bit and made him jealous, on purpose, that i was getting some free ones soon. I actually am writing this just before my first run in them.

We line up in the middle and we're off. It's down the road uphill so everyone is passing us. We keep an easy pace just talking and gave each other permission to leave the other. I truly thought he would take off before me as we've run before a few times. As we come to the trail i make my move. Its single track downhill through mud and everyone is walking. Ugh. I want to run but no one will move. Once it flattens out i start my way through the pack. This older man runs past me but i pass him back in the parking lot. So as everyone is running on the side of trail were it's all grass i just blast through the mud in the trail. I'm the only one laughing and i see everyone starting to look miserable.

Through the parking lot we go and i hear the comment " He's bf, that's a real athlete!" I just smiled and got back on the trail. I lost my hat up here as well as i kicked a rock for the second time. Lady in front of me said must be a bfr. I try to pass a guy as he moves to the grass and i fell in the mud. First time ever falling running bf. It slowed me down as my heart rate shot up but it was a good thing i stayed behind him. I passed the marker and only looking back did i see this guy go up the trail and not take a break like i thought. Single track again and then open field. I stay behind him until we get to a downhill. He moved to the side and i flew right by him. Oh yes, once i made it past the parking lot nobody passed me again.

Coming back to he finish line i forgot to get my hat. I'm still laughing and commenting to bystanders. I try to pass two guys on the slight downhill. One let me by the other didn't and i fell again. They let me pass once i got up. I see the finish line and the people there start cheering. Then i hear "He's BF"! The cheers got louder. I talked with a number of people afterwards. There were so many women for such a small race, i think i will have to do more of them. Who cares about time when i can chase beauties in spandex?

Thank you,