My Huarache Project(s)

Blog entry posted by BFwillie_g, May 19, 2010.


Here's a pic of my first Huaraches. Iused a "wet print" of my actual foot profile to make the form. They only protect the surface of my that foot that actually touches the ground. There's no flapping sound on pavement. Well, they're not as silent as real BF but close. I don't wear them on pavement anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

These are super thin, 2.5mm, and held to my feet with "shock cord", which is the same as bungee cord, 4mm. I'll post more about how Imade them soon... I have a second pair with a slightly thicker material and a little more grip, which I've been using the most since I made them. Igot the material from an orthopedic shoe maker in town (who's main business is making orthopedic shoe inserts, lol). I'd guesstimate that I've got something like 70-80 miles on them so far.

Btw,when making these things the most crucial aspect is the placement of the holes(!).

also, I've refined the lacing system since Itook that photo, made it much much simpler. Will get more photos up soon...