My first barefoot run and winter plans

Blog entry posted by Qadupae, Oct 3, 2010.

So today was my official first day of barefoot running. I had tried barefoot before, but chickened out last minute and used socks, so that's why I consider tonight official ^_^ Temperature was 40 degrees and there was quite a bit of debris on the sidewalk, but otherwise it was a good round. I did get that weird itching in my legs afterwards and I don't know if it the lack of exercise itch or the air is too cold itch. I'll double layer my pants next time and that should give me more of a clue. My feet hurt of course, but the pain didn't linger after the run, so that's a good sign. My left calf still feels a bit stretched, but I'm not having any pain yet and I'm hoping I don't wake up with any. If I do, it means more calf exercises for me. This was also on week 2 of my Podrunners Intervals 5k training. I think I am able to go to week 3 now, but with starting barefoot, I want to do week 2 for 1 or 2 more days first before proceeding just to make sure my feet can keep up with me. I was also short of breath about 1/3 of the way into the run, but I think that has to do more with the cold than the running itself. Just means I need to exercise outside more to adjust to the changing of seasons.

As for upcoming winter, I know there are quite a few people that are hardcore barefooters, but since I am so new and don't want to risk injury that might set me back a couple of months. I am planning on checking out Walmart to see if they have flip flops on sale that are very thin soled. I will then add a heel strap so I don't compromise my foot form just because it feels like the sandal might be falling off. It will be like a makeshift huaraches ^_^ This will also encourage me to minimal shoe run in our parks since I am sooo paranoid about glass. If I do continue to run into winter, I will have to go back to my running shoes just because our block is notorious for getting sharp ice every year. As long as I maintain form, I think I will be ok ^_^ I just won't run as much as the weather gets severe and instead use our p90 training as a good cardio supplement.

Overall, I'm excited to be doing all of this and I hope to get in good enough shape by next year that I can do a 5k with my brother, my major inspiration for getting into running in the first place ^_^