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March 25, 2013

Yesterday began the season in terms refers mountain races, debuting team "Avientu Centeno" in the mountain race "O well do demo" , and premiering VIVOBAREFOOT breatho, a very fast race of 11.4 miles , is mostly fairly flat, more typical of a race to mount cross, except for a dip in the amount of blow that almost 270 meters in a fixed slope of a distance of about 400 meters and a slope of 34% .
Very funny, nice and fast, but especially a cheap and well organized race, and that premium today.
Always a joy to race at home, so although not in the conditions that I would be, was particularly excited about running here and do well.
Occasionally there is the output of a third edition that will surely confirm the prelude to many more, the output rate is angry, enraged, a race very favorable to the people coming from the asphalt, but especially nice, a fabulous landscape adorns a rainy day.
The first kilometer is spent in 3:36 min / km , the second at 3:53 min / km third in 4:10 min / km , began to climb, begins to slow down, quarter mile in 4:46 minkm , we reached the dreaded climb, all crouched in a row, like a long snake, no one that is able to run, which means that the 5km exit at 9:11 min / km , often flushing, triggered pulsations, but curiously this slope despite being long and hard has helped me catch my breath, mile 6, I return to shoot in 3:58 min / km , 7 I do in an amazing 3:21 min / km , the descent I is helping recover, 8 falls back on 3:59 min / km , but I no longer kept pace by that beautiful forest where we zig-zag between arboreda, in the ninth on the pace, the Suunto brand 4: 45min/km, 10 at 4:06 min / km, is a relentless fight with myself, 11 at 3:40 min / km and the last 400 meters in 1 minute 42 seconds , making stops around the clock in 52 minutes 33 seconds.
It has been a spectacular career, I've enjoyed the most, and I've been wanting to do better, is where I have to improve, so I can only work.
Although not the position, so if that is that if you can, for next year ..... bajéis to hell.
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