Mileage Report May Week 4

Blog entry posted by fredvp71, Jun 2, 2011.

The big one people!! Finally, no splinter, no glass chips, no cherry pits (that's next month), and no bronchitis! Got in 26.2 miles barefoot. That's right - not a PR mileage week yet, but close. Runs of 5, 5, 5, and 11.2 miles!! 11.2 was a distance PR. Absolutely no wearing on the foot whatsoever from any of this. Running every other day as per Ken Bob's suggestion in his book. Working out well - getting very close to my half-marathon goal, and to my 30-mile week goal for 2011. An awesome week.

Total Monthly Mileage: 49 miles

Total Yearly Mileage: 115 miles

June goals: 80-100 miles; 13 mile practice run; 30 mile week