Mileage Report May Week 2

Blog entry posted by fredvp71, May 22, 2011.

Was, keyword, was, having a great week. Had 8 miles in the can by Wednesday, and was ready for my first 20 mile week this year. But no - came down with awful bronchitis, and haven't left the house in 2 weeks.

So, May Week 2 - 8 miles. (great miles, wonderful miles. joyous miles)

Week 3 will be even less; 3.2 I believe. It's finally run-able weather and I've been stuck in bed sick. Man this has been an awesome, yet awful, year!!!! I'll need some real magic Week 4. (27 miles to make 50 for the month). Back to running every other day, (before illness set in), per Ken Bob's book, and kind of liking it. Maybe one month every day, one month every other day. Who knows.

Least I'm keeping up with logging my very few miles!