Mileage Report June Week 4

Blog entry posted by fredvp71, Jun 26, 2011.

A big one!! 34 BF miles altogether. Runs of 7,7,7 and 13 miles. Woo hoo! PR for weekly distance (previous record was 28); PR for single run (13 miles).

No injuries from 13 miler, but feet were definitely tender. Looked like I might get a couple tiny blisters, but they disappeared throughout the day, and now I'm fine (9 hours later), so I'm calling it a good run. (I don't count runs where there are injuries for PR's).

Also ran 21 miles in Lunas on the off days, so a 55 mile week altogether, another all-time PR for weekly running. Always nice to take down the old shod PR's. Take that Asics!! You suck!

A final PR, in the TMI department, for the first time I had to stop mid-run of the 13 miler and go #2 in the woods. Thanks Chipotle! (but necessary I assure thee. I was really afraid of getting arrested or something, but I was way out with no port-o-pots in sight) Not something I would like to do again. NOT recommended. Whatever dog-walker finds my barefoot tracks in the muddy side trail, and the other, will no doubt be sickened and flummoxed. Wish I could see their face!

Until next week...