Mileage Report June Week 1

Blog entry posted by fredvp71, Jun 9, 2011.

Another good week, everything is clicking this month!

Ran 8, 8, and 3 for 19 miles. The 3 was a 5K, the Massillon Eagles 190 whatever. It was a good road race, and a nice morning for a run. Quite warm, maybe even 75 degrees or more. I ran it barefoot, obviously, and finished in 23:19. A disappointing time as I was shooting for sub-23 this month.

The course was all road, a little rough, but mainly fine. No blisters, no pain. I'm just going to keep working at my own pace and focus on mileage and not times. Even with that time, I won a second place trophy in my age-group, so it's all good!