Mileage Report July Week 1

Blog entry posted by fredvp71, Jul 10, 2011.

P.S. for those who follow this mileage log (why would you?), or much more likely, for me next year when I forget, I am following a fiscal calendar system for mileage reporting, so there will be a 4 week month, 4 week month, and 5 week month.

Another great PR week once again! 42 miles barefoot altogether!!!! PR. 15 mile run on Sunday!!!! PR. Including 28 miles of Luna running, 70 miles for the week!!! PR. Take that Asics.

Finishing a 15 mile run makes me really confident to run the Akron Marathon in September. Hopefully I can combine confidence with money and make it happen!! Hurray for barefoot running - it's really paid off this year. The rest of this month will be weird as I have a Saturday race throwing things off on the the 23rd. My guess will be 100-120 miles for July are in my future.

Future Goals: 21 minute 5K; Muddy Paws in Luna's 1:30; Woo City 1/2 Marathon 2:30 or less; Akron Marathon 5:00 or less.

It's good to have a future!