making plans

Blog entry posted by Barefoot Badger, Oct 28, 2016.

I recently discovered that the entire time I have been running I've had asthma and that really limited what I could do. I had no idea until just recently. Now I can use this little inhaler and wow - I can run way better and without being completely miserable. It also seems to help my feet not get so irritated from running barefoot. I guess a lot of my pain in my feet was caused by asthma. Weird. I never questioned why my feet were hurting because I was running barefoot and just thought that was probably normal. I'm pretty excited to get out and see what I can do now. I'm hoping to do lots of marathons soon. I signed up for White River Marathon on Nov. 19th and the Little Rock Marathon in March. If my long run goes well Saturday I will probably sign up for the 3 Bridges Marathon that is in December. Saturday I plan on putting in 22 barefoot miles on the River Trail to really have a good test. My 18 miler a couple weeks back went really well so maybe this will too.
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