Blog entry posted by Henri Henell, Apr 18, 2010.

As I promised in previous blog:little report about "l?rdalsløpet" - local runningrace here in L?rdal - Norway. It good to live in west part of Norway - can't be bored to weather:today we have had it all:sun, wind, rain, snow - and about 5 degrees of Celsius.

Ok, the day of the race: I have to admire, that I'm only competing with myself. Luckily my oldest son (12 years) wanted to join me. We both weared our Feelmax Panka shoes (1 mm sole) and standed on the start line. Ready to run...Before start we did Intu-Flow joint mobility session through. Route is 4.78 miles long - mostly asphalt (some terrain). We started slowly with good tehnnique - consentrating to find our pace that we could talk - all the time consentrating to use "spring mechanic" our feet. With steady pace all the way we really enjoyed the tour - I have to admire that we enjoyed more to run in terrain than asphalt, but it all went great. Just before end took my son sprint and came across finish line 15 seconds before me at time 42:05 and I 42:20.

After race we run home with relaxing pace - did PrasaraYoga - took a Sauna and now relax rest of the Sunday.