Join the team for November hilarity!

Blog entry posted by 7ships, Sep 30, 2011.

A Knuckledraggers video of how much fun a mud race is!I'm trying to bring as many people on as I can because it will probably be my last race of the season.
I've got a marathon to think about in a week.I'm sending good vibes to my good friend running theRock Creek Stump Jumptomorrow morning.If all goes well with his race and my marathon we'll be doing theBadapple ultraat the end of Oct.

I've got a solid 6 man team foranother mudder in November.

Doesn't the mud race above look like fun? Care to join?

We want you on team Knuckledraggers! I would love to have a 40 person team. We are not looking to finish in record time, we're not even planning on moving particularly fast. It's just plain fun and we'd love to have you along.

Post here or find me somewhere for the registry info.