Invisible shoes huraraches - first test

Blog entry posted by Rollback, Jan 2, 2012.

It seems so approproate, to start using new footwear with New Year.I did just that with my brand new huaraches from Invisible shoes.

First, I had to do some cutting. Steven from Invisible shoes send me a little bit bigger sandals that I ordered. He explains, that this is usual practice for all customers, to do some modifications if needed. Well, I need those "slippers" with perftect fit, so I cut the spare right out :)

I tried my pimped huaraches and they fit perfectly! So I take them for a little ride. 10k (6 miles) was my feat for today and after short stroll with bare feet yesterday that sound good enough.

My run was slow, almost an hour long, mostly on pavement, some easy trail and a bit of muddy road. They perfprmed exactly as I wanted. I did a small experiment with laces; with left one tied regulary and the right one more tight. Result: I did feel right lace rubbing my skin but huaraches feel more conected to the soles and running was more natural. But that rubbing sensation could be a problem on a longer distances, so I still prefer a little bit lighter tieing.

It was about 5 deegres celsius (40 F), humid with some drops of rain. Not to cold for exposing my feet, but with those 4mm of rubber it made quite a difference comparing to barefoot yesterday. I didn't feel almost any cold, except a part when rain drops were heavier and top of my feet became wet. But they dried quickly.

I plan to do about 10 runs with this huaraches in next 3 to 4 weeks. I would like to try different surfaces, weather, hills and dowhills, one longer run. This testing could be a lot of fun - I hope some serious winter will show up ang give as some snow :)

Happy feet to all and have a great year!

Some pics from today; first 3 are before, other 6 after the run.