Invisible shoes huaraches - final test

Blog entry posted by Rollback, Feb 5, 2012.

In my last post I mentioned, that I tried almost everythin with my huaraches except snow.

We had very dry Winter this year, no snow in December, no snow in January. It looked like Spring will be early...but few days ago my wish came through. We received first shipment of white dust from the sky :)

Well, 10 cm of fresh powder was enough, that I put on my Invisibles and head out for some winter delight. There was only one problem - cold. It was -10 degrees Celsius (14 F) and wind was blowing. Nevertheless, I sprint out to the road, heading for adventure.

I probably have some trained skills running on the slippery road from last several winters. I had nno problems with traction, huaraches performed well. I shortened my step as much as I could and cruise the snow path without problems. But after only five minutes the snow started to melt on my upper side of my feet. Wet skin become cold fast and no matter how fast I tried to run, I couldn't warm up my lower legs. I decided to turn back home. I returned with freezing cold feet, almost with no feel at all. Maybe socks would help just a little bit, I will try that next time.

Beware winter minimalist runners: it's fun to run with huaraches in fresh snow, but your feet can cool to fast. If you don' feel cold anymore, you're already in the danger zone. It's wothy to get frosbites just because you're stuborn :)

Final thought about Invisible shos: I own a pair of homemade huaraches almost two years. They are robust and I did several miles with them, even run couple of marathons and one ultra in the gravel. Then I forgot several months about them..And than I received my brand new cutom made pair from Steven of Invisible shoes! Old love came back, I tried to do as many miles than I could in as many different surfaces as possible. I did warm, cold, wet , rainy and snowy weather. I can honestly say, that huaraches are my first choice for running next to barefoot. Only in very cold and wet weather I will pick my Vivos or VFF. i love the simplicity (one piece of rubber and polyester lace) and 4mm is enough for outsole protection. It's actualy the maxximum I can bare :)

So, once more thanks to Steven and TJ, it was a fun month! I believe that 5.000 guarantee will stand - you wont see me wearing new pair anytime soon (at least not this year).

Happy running and give Invisible shoes a try! You will be hooked instantly :)