IBRD 2016

Blog entry posted by jakers19, May 2, 2016.

I was excited to find that IBRD existed, but sadly could not participate in my local (St Louis, MO, USA) event.I did make sure to get out, and it was a beautiful mild late afternoon 4 miles.
I ordered my shirt, so I will be rocking that soon.
A couple of neighborhood elementary-aged girls inquired about my running without shoes, which is nice - they are curious enough to ask, but not with any underlying judgement or skepticism. Just curiosity. When I briefly said (I always have to abridge what I am actually thinking when it comes to this, don't you?) that I just think it is the right way to run, they said "okay," took off their shoes and started walking around in their yard. Definitely cute.
My thought this run centered around how running can kind of be viewed like those engineering problems where you have to create a contraption that holds an egg, can take a fall from some designated height, yet keep the egg intact. I view my body from the pelvic girdle and up as the egg, and my legs do all the work to absorb shock and carry that egg safely. Because of this 1) I love running downhill 2) I feel so more more relaxed and comfortable when it comes to my back & neck during and after runs 3) I bend my knees a lot more.
Sorry, my thoughts ramble.